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  • Although I'm Alone Minecraft server.

    Java 1.18.1 Paper

    We're a vanilla SMP on hard difficulty with a friendly creative community. We're all inclusive and always seeking out new and unique players.
    No teleports or warps. For an immersive experience. 100% vanilla economy with an active shopping district.
    Roleplaying is welcomed. PVP is by consent only. We have events, custom (vanilla) games, competitions, challenges, and so much more. Join us today and see for yourself!

  • A Mostly Vanilla experience.

    Java 1.18.1 Paper

    A Mostly Vanilla experience with minimal plugins and paper for stability. Our server is a whitelisted Java server with added Bedrock support via the Geyser plugin. (Please note this is a server not a realm.) We restart daily, you're allowed 1 alt and our chat is linked to discord. Fire spread is on, Anti Enderman griefing applied and optionally Simple Voice Chat, Coords HUD, and Durability Ping. All of which are optional / togglable. No claims, with the exception of some worldguarded structures such as spawn and other official builds. In the event something aweful does happen. We regularly backup and use Core protect to rollback unfair changes.

  • Community events.

    Java 1.18.1 Paper

    We occasionally host community events such as build competitions or player organised events. Be sure to join our discord to catch up and get involved. But if your play style is more recluse we understand the hermit lifestyle..

  • How to toggle datapacks.

    Java 1.18.1 Paper

    To use CoordsHUD type: /trigger ch_toggle
    To use Durability Ping type: /trigger duraPing