IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137


Community Rules:

  • We observe Discord Facebook & Mojang TOS.
    • Which means the minimum age to use social media or multiplayer Minecraft is 13. *Please note we reserve the right to remove any underage players for any reason.
  • Don't be toxic.
    • Please be respectful, Don't antagonise people or behave toxically.
    • If we think you make our community look bad. We'll just remove you.
  • No spam, scams, & No Doxxing!
    • Like every other server in the universe.
  • Try to keep posts and commands in their respective channels.
    • Don't run bot commands in general chat. Please use 🔹botcommands channel.
  • Consensual Direct Messaging
    • Please ask before DMing someone. If you DM someone and they don't respond, don't persist.
  • Pinging without a good reason is prohibited.
    • Persistently pinging staff or anyone for attention will just piss people off, please don't do it.
    • This does not mean you are not allowed to ping someone in general! If you have a real and contextual reason; or a working relationship with another player that's fine.
    • This rule is aimed at impatient children like: "@anon@anon@anon bruh @anon@anon where are you bruh? @anon@anon answer me bruh.".
    • @silent If you need to ping or reply for clarity and don't wanna be annoying toss this at the end of your message.
  • Staff have final say.️
      We don't care what loophole you've contrived.

In-game rules:

  • Consensual PvP only.
    • Please refrain from engaging in combat with unfamiliar players. If you have a knit group and your playmates like pvping have at it. Don't cry no consent just because you're losing. If staff notice you've been fighting for a while and only now complain about it. We'll just ignore you.
  • No stealing, griefing or hacking.
    • Not sure if you can take it? don't Seriously just leave other peoples shit alone. Blatant hacking will get your inventory wiped and/or game progress rolled back.
  • Do not build your base or farms within 500 blocks of spawn.
    • If you build your base/farm under 500 blocks of a spawn area:
      • We reserve the right to dismantle it for community projects.
      • Don't store valuables in these areas!
      • If you build a farm in this area, that farm is public!
      • Lag inducing farms will be removed from spawn chunks.
  • Do not build your base or farms within 300 blocks of other players without their permission.
    • If you build your base/farm under 300 blocks of someone else's base:
      • The landlord of the area has to approve of your presence and may evict you.
      • You must follow any rules set by that landlord provided they don't conflict with server rules.
  • Cardinal & diagonal axis' are reserved for highways.
    • If you build your base/farm directly on a cardinal or diagonal axis highway:
      • Expect visitors.
      • Depending on how far out you are, you might find a highway being built through your area! so don't be surprised.
      • A cardinal axis highway follows the zero coordinate of either the X or the Z coordinate. (Example: X: 0, Z: 2345 OR X: 2345, Z: 0 )
      • A diagonal axis highway follows both the X & Z coordinates 45° from zero zero. Positive, negative or both. (Example: X: 2345, Z: -2345 )
  • Hack clients are prohibited.
    • Visual/Utility mods must not grant an unfair advantage.
  • Gravity block duplication.
    • You can dupe Tnt, rail, carpet, sand, & gravel.
    • Tnt in it's active form not item form.
    • Don't dupe the dragon egg
  • One alt is allowed
    • submit second whitelist request.
      • Fill everything out again! Including the rule agreement.
  • Long afk sessions are reserved for benefactors.
    • Benefactors are players who have supported the server in some way. Either by boosting the server's Discord, donating, promoting the server, or contributing to something significant in-game.
  • Staff have final say.️
    • We don't care what loophole you've contrived.

The Jailing Process:

  • Breaking these rules could result in you being placed in Jail.
    • Getting jailed doesn't mean you are banned. Just incapable of playing untill you 🔹appeal.
  • If you are jailed.
    • You must make an appeal with why you were jailed. Fake & Low effort appeals will be ignored.
    •  If the offense is obvious we won't bother reaching out, you know what you did.
    •  If we think the offense is obscure or a misunderstanding we'll ask about it.
  • Once an appeal is made.
    • The community votes. There is no set period of time, all incidents are handled differently.
  • Blatant Hacking
    • Will result in your inventory and game progress being rolled back.
  • If you think you're too cool to follow this process
    • you're absolutely right.

ok now get whitelisted.


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