IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137


Welcome to Although I'm Alone Minecraft server.

We're a survival Minecraft server on hard with a friendly all inclusive community that's always seeking out unique players. We also support Bedrock Edition play using GeyserMC plugin support. This means no matter what platform you're playing on. we can all play together... or alone it's up to you!


Although I'm Alone features a long term map with multiple 'spawn' locations and no world border. We believe in freedom of movement and expression, encouraging players to spread out and build infrastructure for travel. Build with peace of mind knowing the server won't reset anytime soon. When new content rolls out, we move spawn to a new location giving new players and regulars the chance to start new while those that want to keep their builds can.

Visual client side mods are fine. Many of our players use client mods such as Simple Voice Chat, Tweakeroo, MiniHUD, Xaeros World Map, Litematica, etc. Hack clients or mods that grant unfair advantages are obviously not allowed. Just use common sense, if it feels like cheating it probably is...



Some things to know:

  • We're a whitelist server.

Head over to our Discord server to begin the whitelist process.

  • No land claims.

Please base wisely. We use CoreProtect which allows us to rollback isolated incidents. If you've been griefed ask staff for help.

  • No world border.

Feel free to spread out. Especially if you don't want neighbors or guests.

  • No teleports...

Travelling in game is a part of the vanilla experience we believe is important. It encourages players to build highway infrastructure and the use of elytra, horse, ice roads, minecarts, etc.

  • Vanilla diamond based economy.

shopping district located in the end dimension.

  • No kits.

  • pvp is by consent only. 

  • Roleplaying is welcomed.

  • The following glitches are allowed:
    • Tnt duplication in farms.
    • Sand/gravel duplication using end portals.
    • Carpet duplication.
    • Rail duplication.
    • Villager discount stacking.
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