IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137

Maps & Art

Map art

Events are hosted from time to time. Any maps you build can be submitted in an event. To aid in the construction of map art we allow carpet duping. We also allow sand/gravel duplication using end portal farms. 
If you're familiar with schematics then you'll probably like this tool:  https://rebane2001.com/mapartcraft/  It's a web based tool to convert standard image files to a schematic file you can use with mods such as Litematica.

No server side world map.

Because of the nature of Although I'm Alone some players prefer seclusion. Having no claims adds a factor of uncertainty that some players like. A world map might unbalance that. In addition to no world border. A server side world map would consume too much resources anyways.

As a compromise We'll periodically update some maps here. Such as a map of spawn areas, public builds or major land marks. 



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