IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137

Bedrock support

Bedrock support is made possible thanks to a plugin called GeyserMC & Floodgate.

GeyserMC acts as a proxy between you and the server. It translates incoming and outgoing packets. Allowing you to play on a java server using a bedrock client.

How to connect:

  • Navigate to the "Servers" tab.
  • Locate the "add server" button.
    • Name it whatever you want.
    • Server Address:
      • smp.aialone.net
    • Port:
      • 8137
    • Save it. It should now appear in the "additional servers menu".

Whitelist request:

  • Include that you are playing Bedrock.
  • When applying for your whitelist please include your correct IGN, which can be different from your Microsoft account name.
  • We may communicate with you if we're having trouble whitelisting you. so please be patient.
  • More info here.

Things bedrock players should know:

  • This is still a Java server. Meaning you should familiarize yourself with Java Minecraft mechanics, including redstone behavior which is very different from redstone behavior on Bedrock Edition.
  • Updates: When new versions of Minecraft come out. It takes time for GeyserMC to update/bug-test their plugin. Please be patient!
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