IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137

Vanilla Tweaks

We use the following Vanilla Tweaks datapacks.

  • Anti Enderman Grief

    • Stops Enderman from picking up or placing blocks.
    • Everyone wanted this.

  • Coordinates HUD.

    • Displays player coordinates.
    • can be switched on and off with the command:
    • /trigger ch_toogle

  • Nether Portal Coords.

    • Calculates coordinates of where you should place your portal in the opposing dimension.
    • Triggering command will display the coordinates in chat:
    • If in the Overworld use: /trigger nc_inNether
    • If in the Nether use: /trigger nc_inOverworld

  • Durability Ping.

    • Warns you if your gear gets low
    • can be switched on and off with the command: /trigger duraPing

  • Armorstand Handbook.

    • Create custom armor stand statues.
    • To obtain the handbook. Sign a book and quill as "Statues".
    • Optionally this datapack can be paired with the client side mod: armor-statues
    • It also allows turning item frames invisible with the command: /trigger if_invisible

  • Craftable Bundles.

    • Craft and use Bundles in survival using rabbit hide & string.

  • Wandering Trades.

    • Purchase mini blocks from wandering traders using emeralds + the normal sized block.

  • Silence Mobs

    • Silence any mob by name tagging it: "Silence me"; "silence me"; or "silence_me". Any will do.



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