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Installing Fabric & API

Installing Fabric & Fabric API
On the client side.


  1. Go-to: https://fabricmc.net/use/installer/

    • Click either download for windows or download universal installer. it doesn't matter which.

  2. Run the fabric-installer that was downloaded.

    • In the installer, don't change anything. but copy the install location for later.
    • Click install.
    • Once finished exit installer.
  3. Start Minecraft.

    • Load it as far as the menu screen.
    • Then exit the game.

Once Fabric is installed it's time to add the API


  1. Go-to: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/fabric-api

    • Click download
    • The file should look similar to this: (file: fabric-api-0.68.0+1.19.2.jar )
  2. copy this file to your minecraft mod folder using file explorer.

    • Using the the install location you copied earlier with the addition of \mods at the end.
    • example: C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\mods
        • If that doesn't work or you're having trouble figuring out where the mod folder is located
        • Try typing this into your file explorer: %appdata%\.minecraft\mods
          • %appdata% Is an environment variable. When typed in the address bar it will automatically fill in the correct address that points to your appdata folder, where Minecraft data is stored.
  3. Once The file is copied into the mods folder, you should be all set. You're now ready to install other client mods that depend on Fabric.

    If these instructions don't work for you try reading these instructions by PebbleHost: https://help.pebblehost.com/en/minecraft/how-to-install-fabric-on-your-pc
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