IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137


These are the plugins we use.

  • CoreProtect

    • CoreProtect is used to keep records of all actions made by all players or entities throughout the server. It's what allows us to perform roll-back operations and identify what player was responsible in the event of griefing or theft.

  • WorldGuard

    • We use Worldguard to protect small areas such as spawn areas. These areas are kept as small as possible to encourage players to build.

  • DeathMessages

    • DeathMessages allows for more detailed death message scenarios. It also translates death messaged into DiscordSRV.
    • It also allows us to toggle death message broadcasting per user.
    • If you do not want your death messages broadcasted to the whole server. Please let one of our admins know and we can toggle it for you.

  • DiscordSRV

    • DiscordSRV is what allows us to syncronize our in-game chat with a Discord channel.

  • Essentials

    • Essentials on this server is mostly for staff convenience.

  • Floodgate & Geyser-Spigot

    • Geyser allows Bedrock players to connect to a java server using a bedrock client.

  • Vivecraft Extension

    • Vivecraft Is a Virtual Reality plugin for Java Minecraft.
      Info for system requirements, setup, and usage can be found at: https://www.vivecraft.org/

  • GravityControl

    • GravityControl un-patches gravity block duplication.

  • HolographicDisplays

    • Pretty floaty signs at spawn...

  • Simple Voice Chat

    • Simple Voice Chat enables the use of in game proximity chat using a client side mod.
    • Download can be found here.

  • WorldEdit

    • A tool only admins use, mostly for use in aiding in rolling back and fixing griefs.




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