IP: smp.aialone.net
Port:  8137


We're experimenting with running a Facebook group.

Our Facebook group URL:


We will also accept whitelist requests via Facebook. Just follow the same guidelines as mentioned on our whitelist page and post your request as a post on the Facebook group.

Maps & Art

Map art

Events are hosted from time to time. Any maps you build can be submitted in an event. To aid in the construction of map art we allow carpet duping. We also allow sand/gravel duplication using end portal farms. 
If you're familiar with schematics then you'll probably like this tool:  https://rebane2001.com/mapartcraft/  It's a web based tool to convert standard image files to a schematic file you can use with mods such as Litematica.

No server side world map.

Because of the nature of Although I'm Alone some players prefer seclusion. Having no claims adds a factor of uncertainty that some players like. A world map might unbalance that. In addition to no world border. A server side world map would consume too much resources anyways.

As a compromise We'll periodically update some maps here. Such as a map of spawn areas, public builds or major land marks. 



The Jail

Maturity is important here. We have a few rules in place not because we want them but because it ensure everyones enjoyment in the game. Pretty much any incident can be resolved if you're chill about it.

We have a jailing process which involves the usual appeal process you might expect on any server. If you find yourself jailed, start your appeal process on the discord (The sooner you start it the sooner you'll get out!). Be sure to be honest about what you did, fake or low effort appeals will be ignored. Once your appeal process is accepted by staff, we'll start a community vote. All incidents are handled differently but in most cases everyone gets out. Unless the community is adamantly against it of course... 

Minor issues might result in a whisper to stop. No one's out to nit pick here but please don't undermine us... 

Blatant hacking = instant jail. We are not obligated to tell you why you got jailed, you know why. Depending on the nature of the incident we might wipe your inventory and or roll your progress back.

Theft accusations can be made by players. We use CoreProtect to record chest & inventory transactions. So keep that in mind i guess.

No one's here to entertain brats and edgelords. If you can't get along with others, behave maturely, or you somehow think we owe you exhibition. You might want to look elsewhere. 


Points of interest

Shopping Districts

There's no need to "purchase" a plot in our public shopping area. Feel free to set up shop wherever you feel comfortable. You can even start your own private shopping district if you want.

Public shopping district

located in the end dimension for ease of access wherever you chose to settle on the server. 


Private shopping districts

Currently only one private shopping district exists. If you want yours featured here ask on the discord.

Communist Technocracy


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